The Beijing Poly International Auction Co. Ltd. held the "Oneness" exhibiton for Lok Tok and Yitong Lok in July, 2014. Exhibited over 100 pieces of art works.



World of Horses






Heavenly horses






Culture in Reflection: "Oh! Canada - Art for a Nation"

The exhibition was held by the National Art Gallery and Art Gallery of Ontario in 1996 in Toronto, Canada.

The subject of nature has long been a source of inspiration for artists throughout history and around the world. Quite often it is through the study of nature that various human indentities are formed. In Canada the "Group of Seven" searched for a Canadian identity by capturing the natural Canadian landscape. For the Chinese the study of nature has also been the subject matter of much philosophy, literature and art.

As Chinese-Canadians, the artists, Lok Tok and Yitong Lok, try to reconcile the two identities by using familiar Canadian subjects and by rendering them in Chinese brush painting techniques on rice paper. The image of the viewer and the paintings are combined in the mirrors as a reflection of the duality of cultures.



Realm of Shambhala

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